About Us

All Phase Locating has been operating in Southern Colorado for eleven years now.  We have focused our business in the Colorado Springs area.


I retired in April of 2005 from Colorado Springs Utilities after 31 years. During that period, I have exclusively worked with the Utility Locating Department in Customer Service. I spent 24 years in the field as a Utility Locator and the last 7 years as a Customer Care Supervisor in the Locating Department. Below are some of my accomplishments while working for Colorado Springs Utilities.

·  Establishing a training program for Utility Locators.

·  Worked with the Dept. of Labor to establish an Apprenticeship program for Utility Locators.

·  Worked with Training Development to design and implement a program for Substation Entry to ensure a safe work environment.

·   Work Shop in London to help identify and find solutions to their mapping and locating issues.

·   Attended numerous seminars across the United States for contractors and locators.

·    Electric Substation project - Physical drawings of over forty electric substations for Colorado Springs Utilities showing all of the structures including locations of electric primaries, control cables and empty conduit runs with in the substations for Engineers and Locators to use for future projects.
Charles Powers is retired from Colorado Springs Utilities after 25 years of service and worked exclusively with the Utility Locating Department during that time frame.
We have an extensive background in locating Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater and Communication lines that include telephone, cable TV and fiber optic lines. We are also DOT operator qualified  to locate gas lines.
We take great pride in providing this service and commitment to providing accurate locates.  I hope we can be of service to your organization in the future.
Robert J. Myers Jr.